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Mountain Ultrasound Imaging (MUI) invites your office to refer patients requiring ultrasound imaging to our facility. Why?

First and most importantly, our philosophy at MUI is to provide all our patients the highest quality ultrasound examinations. This includes the entire patient experience from prompt and caring personal attention to expertly performed and interpreted studies. Our goal is complete satisfaction from the patient as well as the referring physician.

Second, your referral Cordinator will be amazed at the ease of MUI scheduling. Referrals for routine, non-urgent, exams can be faxed over and in MUI will take care of contacting the patient and setting up the most convenient exam time. MUI will then fax back the appointment confirmation to the referring physician. MUI also excepts same-day appointments for urgent or emergent exams and for patients requesting same-day appointments when available. MUI offers extended evening hours.

Lastly, physicians can feel confident that their patients received a thorough and accurate ultrasound examination by an experienced, register sonographer. At Mountain Ultrasound Imaging, we specialize in ultrasound and are committed to providing patients with the latest in ultrasound advancement. Mountain Ultrasound Imaging's Radiologist and Medical Director accepts nothing less than the highest in imaging standards. Mountain Ultrasound Imaging is accredited by the American College of Radiology.

Mountain Ultrasound Imaging provides complete general and vascular ultrasound studies. MUI also provides diagnostic non-invasive arterial studies of the extremities and evaluation for peripheral arterial disease (ABI's). Our staff enjoys and is experienced in pediatric imaging including ultrasound of the infant hip.

In the theme of increased preventative health care we provide cost-effective screening exams to include screening evaluation of the carotid arteries and abdominal aorta and ABI's to screen for perephrial vascular disease.

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